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My name is Tina Lalonde. I am an Amazon Publishing Strategist and the owner of

I help women in the health and wellness industry such as coaches, counselors, course creators, yoga instructors, and the woo woo’s make passive income creating and self-publishing their own custom branded journal and workbooks that sell on Amazon for FREE! However, once you learn the process of creating and publishing, you will be able to write that book you’ve been procrastinating on. You know the one. Look on your bucket list😉

I’m going to share what I know about being a self-published author on Amazon, but first, I’ll give you a little idea of how I got into creating and self-publishing books. If you’re curious to learn more about my personal side, keep reading.


Have you ever gone to the bookstore like Chapters or Barnes and Nobles and was hoping to find the book you needed? Mine was a book on learning how to rent out your cottage in Canada.  I bought a cottage in 2013 and wanted to rent it out to make extra money when I wasn’t using it, which wasn’t often. I loved being at my cute little cottage.

I search Chapters, local libraries, and through dozens of websites and found a few books about owning a cottage, but nothing really on how to rent it, what the rules are, and how to make money from it, where to advertise. After a few months, I didn’t find the book I was looking for.

I really wanted or rather needed to rent my cottage to help pay the mortgage, but all the information out there was all over the place and, I was getting frustrated.  After doing all the research I thought to myself “if I’m searching for this information, maybe someone else is too?”.  I thought about creating a website and linking to all the pages I found so people would be able to find it quickly.  Then, I stumbled on this book Get Paid for Who You Are by David Wood. It’s old, but the concept is still valuable today. He gave me the idea to write a book about what I know. And that’s when I decided to write my first book  Turn Your Cottage Into Money: How to rent your cottage and make a profit in Ontario and Quebec. However, that was just the first part. Next came how to get it published. I searched online on how to publish a book. I didn’t want to go the traditional publishing root because they take longer and they own the rights to my book! No thanks! I came across a course on creating and self-publish journals and get them on Amazon. I thought “wouldn’t that be the same thing as publishing a book?” I also thought “I am always writing in journals, so why not create my own and make money instead of giving my money away”. So, I signed up to learn about self-publishing and created my first journal and have been creating them for myself and clients since 2013.

I love creating journals and workbooks. My goal for 2023 is to help 1,000 entrepreneurs become published on Amazon!

For those who are curious about me when I’m not working…

  • I play competitive women’s volleyball and Pickleball, while my knees can still take If you don’t know what pickleball is, check out Henry Burris on CTV News Ottawa to see what it’s all about.
  • I love to travel to the Caribbean during the winter because well, not a big fan of the cold. My favorite place is St Lucia. I would stay there for a month if I could.
  • I live in Ottawa, Ontario with my amazing man who will be referred to as “Bebe”.
  • I like to go second hand shopping, but don’t tell Bebe. He hates when I go
  • I’m a TV show binge watcher. I don’t like to wait for next week. My current one is Rizzoli & Isles, and before that was Bosch.
  • Love horseback riding. When the horse gallops, I have this huge smile like a kid.
  • Favorite music is new country, dance music from the year 2000, Socca and I love the song from Shakira “Waka Waka” ( I cry every time I hear it.
  • I love playing minute to win it games with my friends. I usually win😉
  • Love to eat ethnic food. My favorite is Vietnamese, then Indian, Thai, and Greek…
  • Like to try new recipes that take less than 30 minutes to make, but I admit I make a mess. So, if you come for dinner, you have to help clean up. Oh and bring BRUT sparkling wine as that’s my favorite.
  • Speak French. Ou est la toilet. lol. Seriously, I am fluent in French.
  • I did synchronized swimming when I was 10 years old and one 1st I can still hold my breath under water for 45 seconds…maybe 30 seconds now.
  • Wrote 2 books and have a few stories published in other peoples books.
  • I am working on a project to see if I can decorate our house for under $500. If you have any ideas or someone to come and do it, please send them to me.
  • I am also working on learning Spanish so that when we travel, I’ll be able to have a conversation.

OK, now let’s get you making your first of many books.